Aruhe holiday home

Aruhe Cottage offers independent travellers a blissful haven from the modern world.

Just a little more than an hour’s drive from Opotiki on State Highway 35, Aruhe; a beautifully and sustainably built cottage with modern amenities, surrounded by natural beauty.  Highway 35 is renowned for its beautiful views of the ocean and its uninhabited beaches.  It’s a road few know about or venture over, but well worth the detour off the beaten track.

Whanaru Bay

The studio faces the Pacific Ocean and the view from the deck is framed by a magnificent family of Pohutukawa trees. It is far enough away from State Highway 35 to be untroubled by the occasional motorbike.  The night sky, undiluted by city light is clear and sharp, and there are many opportunities for sky gazing.

At Aruhe you have the choice of self catering or joining your host for an evening meal. Wifi is available but your mobile phone won’t work here. There isn’t a phone tower for miles around. There is no TV reception, so it’s a perfect excuse to read that book you’ve been saving, to take leisurely walks along the beach, paddle out in a kayak, write your thesis or relax on the deck in sun or shade.


Climbing the hill behind the property will reward you with a view of the Raukumara ranges in one direction and the Pacific Ocean in the other.  Permission to use the ancient name of Motuaruhe was granted by Kaumatua (Maori elder) Major John Waititi, on behalf of his hapu (sub-tribe), who blessed the whenua (land) on Waitangi Day 1994.  ‘Aruhe’ refers to a rare fern and ‘motu’ generally means place.

Motuaruhe sits at the very edge of the Raukumara National Park   Raukumara is the name of the mountain range covered in ancient forest, or “bush” as we call it here, and stretches all the way back to the land of Tuhoe.