Your host


Version 3

My name is Kim Baker and offering you this accommodation and being of service to my guests is a long held dream.

I have done many things in my life, having owned and operated four small businesses. This venture will be my fifth.  Prior to buying this beautiful property I led the gypsy life, being a house and pet sitter in New Zealand and overseas. I also worked briefly in the political world and have taught high school students the thing I know most about; hospitality.

Initially I owned this property with my partner and we named it Motuaruhe, a traditional name for the bay.  Now, on my own, I want to share my Paradise with others; I want them to experience the peace and joy I find in this wonderful environment. It’s a long way from the shops and pleasures we find in cities and this isolation might be regarded as a disadvantage……but not by me. Here, at Motuaruhe, I have time and space to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and to give thanks for my blessings. Knowing that we all need to do that more often, I want to offer that opportunity, however briefly, to you too.